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Welcome to the website of a writer, teacher, speaker and thinker. I teach because I can't help it, write because I can't avoid it, and think because that's what people do--or should. Here you'll find links and study guides for my books, writing tips and book reviews for kids and teachers, fun stuff for Shakespeare fans, and Schoolapalooza!--a guide for those who ever wondered how to schedule a school visit. Come in and look around!


A lot has happened since I last updated my website, about . . . let's see . . . 10 months ago.  I've been busy!  and it's about to get busier, because I just got Advance Readers Copies of my next middle-grade novel, Somebody on this Bus Is Going to Be Famous.  This thing is going to happen!  In the next few  months, I should have more news, reviews, and book buzz--maybe even a chapter or two.  Come September, you can even buy a copy.  Here's the Amazon link

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ON THE ROAD: I just got back from the American Booksellers Association's (ABA) first-ever Children's Institute, a awesome assemblage of independent booksellers with a special love for kids' books.  You have to LOVE books to be an independent bookseller these days, and it was a pleasure to be part of this upbeat, bibliophilic crowd.  Next month, I'll be in New Orleans, browsing booths at the International Reading Association (IRA) conference in New Orleans--and oh yes, signing books at 2:00 in the Sourcebooks booth.  If you happen to be in the neighborhood, drop in!

I'll also be working on a  website update: new colors, new design, new information (as well as the good old information) going up sometime this summer.  Check it out!

Over at Redeemed Reader, we're celebrating William Shakespeare's 450th birthday!  Why?  Here's why.

I'm also posting on the WORLD magazine website. I just didn't have enough to do . . .


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