Welcome to my little corner on the Worldwide web.
The main thing you need to know about me: I write.

I write novels for young readers.

I write book reviews for RedeemedReader.com.

I write columns and posts for World News Group.

I write updates on Facebook, Twitter, and this website.
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Click on Book for more Info.
   All this makes my life incredibly busy, but who’s not busy these days?  Thanks for taking the time from your busy schedule to stop by.  If you’d like to know more about my novels, just click on the jacket image on that cool slide show.  For more information about my Wordsmith writing series, click on the covers below.  Want some quick pointers for improving your own prose?  Check out my series of writing tips.  If you’re a teacher wondering about how I do school visits, stop by “Schoolapalooza” for the What’s, How’s, and Why’s.  There’s some fun stuff at the Shakespeare Corner, too.  And if you just want to get in touch, click on “Talk to Me.”  Nothing easier!
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