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NEWS!!  The Third Edition of Wordsmith Apprentice is now on sale!

Many writing programs are thorough.  Many are effective.  But how many are FUN?

(The cover is kinda boring, but the contents are not.)
(The cover is kinda boring, but the contents are not.)

Wordsmith Apprentice is designed not just to teach competence, but also confidence, through activities that stretch imagination while they reinforce solid principles of composition.  Before drilling kids on parts of speech and sentence structure, we should wake them up to the exciting possibilities out there.  Suppose they could write a travel brochure for their own back yard or local park?  How about writing “For Sale” ads for a sibling or a brilliant idea?  Creating your own wordplays?  Check out the Introduction, with Teacher Guidelines, Student Intro, and opening activities available as a free

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download, here: Wordsmith Apprentice Introduction.

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My latest novel is I Don’t Know How the Story Ends, a romp through early Hollywood.  You’ll find reviews and fun educational resources here.   And to add some excitement to your writing curriculum, be sure to check out my new Junior Screenwriting 101 course, in ten FREE downloads!




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I can teach anyone (7 to 70) to write  better through my Wordsmith writing series: go here for sample Wordsmith lessons.  For some quick pointers for improving your prose, check my series of Writing Tips for kids (and grownups).  Both classroom teachers and homeschoolers can find my philosophy of writing instruction here.

a photo of author J B Cheaney
Author J B Cheaney


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