Talking (or Writing) Like Churchill

Yesterday the Oscar folks (Academy of Motion Picture something-or-other) announced their nominations.  The Darkest Hour is in the running for best picture, though it’s not expected to win.  Gary Oldman, however, is supposed to win Best Actor. I haven’t seen The Darkest Hour and carry no torch for Gary Oldman, but that’s my lead-in for […]

world of wonders

The Reading Life, Part Six: Texture

I picked it out the remainder bin at a store somewhere around the intersection of Brainerd and East Brainerd Roads in Chattanooga–funny, I can remember the streets but not the store.  It was a standard size novel, about 350 pages long, marked down to $1.99 which on that particular day I could afford.  Black cover, bearing […]


The Reading Life, Part Five: Spirit

Perelandra is another book twice-read, and much more powerful the second time.  I haven’t said much about the physical surroundings of each of these readings, but I probably should, because how a book affects you depends on where you are: spiritually, emotionally, but also physically. It was the summer of 1981.  I was in Chattanooga, with […]