Rick Riordan Makes His Case. Or Not Really

I like this guy.  Who wouldn’t? He turned countless apathetic preteen boys (and girls) into enthusiastic readers.  He’s sold millions (upon MILLIONS) of fun, action-packed novels with a foolproof formula of relatable characters, classic plot elements and details, and high hilarity.  His earlier novels, especially, were an admirable balance of humor and emotion with more […]

Booky, Vol. 1

(A semi-regular post linking to other bookish posts) This had me going for a minute: Troops rebel over Trump’s pick for Secretary of Defense because he’s handing them a 6000 book reading list.  (language advisory)  Seems like a good idea for down time in the barracks, though . . . Everybody’s “complicated.”   Still, a new […]

Be Very Afraid?

I was 13 years old when JFK was assassinated.  Of course I was upset and sad and tearful and, like everyone else, glued to the TV where Walter Cronkite was also upset and sad and tearful.  It wasn’t because I had strong feelings for Kennedy—I would have been equally shocked if it happened to Eisenhower […]


Words Shaping Minds

I remember the first novel-length book I read aloud to my kids. I was frustrated that day.  My husband was away on a business trip and I was stuck at home with a four-year-old and a seven-year-old and no TV to turn on and keep them occupied, even though by that time on Saturday afternoon […]