Booky: Tintin in Love, Grammar Police, and All the Girl Victims


Tintin in Love?  Why not?  Romance is just one facet of the expanding world of the boy reporter from Belgium (who never seemed to report anything)–proving you don’t have to outgrow him if you don’t want to.


Stand down, grammar police!

If you’re always correcting other people’s grammar (silently or otherwise–in which case you probably have few friends), this NPR interview with John McWhorter may make you hang your head in shame.  But it’s also informative: Do you know what a contranymn is?  I didn’t either.  But I’m still not saying “literally” when I mean
McWhorter“figuratively.”  And it’s good to know that one of Shankar Vedamtam’s language peeves is also mine: Momentarily.

I was shocked–shocked, I tell you–to hear this abused adverb misused in the first Harry Potter movie: “The sorting ceremony will begin momentarily.”  Aren’t these people all English actors?

Et tu, Maggie?



All the girl victims: Girls on trains, Girls gone, Girls with dragon tattoos: what’s up with all the girls? I’ve wondered that myself.



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