Booky, Vol. 1

(A semi-regular post linking to other bookish posts)

This had me going for a minute: Troops rebel over Trump’s pick for Secretary of Defense because he’s handing them a 6000 book reading list.  (language advisory)  Seems like a good idea for down time in the barracks, though . . .Golden Egg

Everybody’s “complicated.”   Still, a new biography of Margaret Wise Brown reveals more levels of complication.  (My favorite of hers titles: The Golden Egg Book.)

And this has been around for awhile, but a roomful of laughs: All the terrible decorating choices in The Great Green Room.

Finally, be careful what you wish for when Alexa’s around: she might start reeling off porn terms or ordering toys for you.

(Alexa is Amazon’s voice-ordering device.  You probably knew that.  I didn’t.)



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