1. What was your favorite book when you were a kid?

A. I didn’t have one favorite book, though I liked reading biographies as well as novels. The first  book I really fell in love with was The Once and  Future King, which I read when I was 13.   It’s a version (a long version)  of the King Arthur story by T. H. White.

2. What’s your favorite book that you’ve written?

A. Two things you should never ask a middle-aged lady author: How old are you, and What’s your favorite book that you’ve written.

4. How old are your kids?

A. Glad you asked. Aquila was born in 1975 and Tielman in 1978. Aquila graduated from College of the Ozarks in 1998 with an Aviation Science degree. After several years of working in the aviation industry, she decided to go back to school and get an aerospace engineering degree.   But now she’s working on her biggest challenge yet: an M.O.M degree. Tielman went directly from high school to show business. He’s worked as a caricature artist at Knott’s Berry Farm and Universal city in L. A.; as a silhouette cutter at Disneyland in Tokyo. Now he owns a caricature booth at the top of the Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas, runs an online caricature business at CartoonVegas, goes to parties, and takes on freelance art project with the help of his wife, Andrea. Check out his website at studiotiel.com

5. When do you work?

A. If it doesn’t get done in the morning, it won’t get done.

6. Why do you go by your initials?

A. If your name was “Janie Cheaney” (for real),  don’t you think it would look a little silly on a book

7.  Where do you work?The office and workspace of author J B Cheaney

A. My office is about the sizeof a walk-in closet.  It’s very crowded but has everything I need:  a  dictionary  a
nd thesaurus within easy reach, a chair will  casters  so  I  can  roll  over  to  the  thesaurus  and  swivel around  to  the  dictionary,  lots  of  pens,  lots  of  pencils  (and  an  old Boston sharpener),  a  desktop  computer,  a  coffee  maker, stacks of books  and   printouts   that  I ’ll  never   get  around  to  reading,  lined notebook  paper,  notecards,  and  sticky  notes.  And a window that I spend too much time looking out of.  What you don’t see is the clock that  tries  to  keep  me  on  schedule,  with mixed results.  I often hear it  sighing  in  frustration.  And  you  don’t  see me, because I’m taking the  picture. But  if  you  look  very  closely,  you  might be able to see some ideas floating around.

8. How do you get your ideas?

A. I don’t get ideas–they get me!

9. What’s your favorite color?

A. Certain shades of green, and certain shades of blue.
That means I’m cool, because those are the cool colors.

10. Have you ever been abducted by aliens?

A. Haven’t we all?